Friday, May 2, 2008

Model of the Moment....I heart Hollis

It's not like I know the girl really, but I felt like a proud mama hen the other day when I opened up the pages of a glossy and saw Hollis as the face of the Paul Smith spring campaign.

I remember chatting with her at my castings earlier this year. The girl was cool personified. Hollis? I recall asking. That's an unusual name. Yes, my real name is Wakeema Hollis. Wakeema works in Tennessee, but in New York, I'm Hollis.

In the slot game of bookings during Fashion week, I lost out on Hollis. Then I saw her walk a succession of shows: Marc, Duro Olowu, Biba, and Westwood. And before this major Paul Smith campaign, I spotted her in a gorgeous Moschino ad. It's the one shot with just a bevy dark skinned black girls, all dressed in luscious ruby red coats. If you've seen it, she's the one next to the Moschino logo.

Now I wonder, where will we see Ms. Hollis next?

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