Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Setting Sun in the City

Just coming off a blog lamenting how the city is changing, I feel like I need to make amends. There's no place on this planet like New York, and tomorrow and Friday, something will happen that will make me remember why I think that.

Do you know about Manhattan-henge? It occurs twice a year, when the setting sun is aligned perfectly with the grid of Manhattan's city streets. For the last fifteen minutes before sundown, every single cross street (that's those that run east to west for you out of towners) will be fully illuminated.

It's kind of a magical moment, if you happen to be outside during this time. All the windows on these cross streets glisten in the setting sun, as if they've been tapped with fairy dust.

It's moments like these I want to spread my arms and shout to the sky, "I love this city!" It's true...grit, grime, and all.

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