Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Pros

Have you heard about vogue.tv? Well, I'm a big fan of the French version because you have none other than doc filmmaker Loic Prygent interviewing the inimitable Carine Roitfeld, usually clothed in Balenciaga or Comme des Garcons, a scarf stylishly covering her shoulders in the way that only the French can seem to manage. But now, after learning that Vogue is rolling out its services big brother style, hooking up to various websites so that it can track viewership and the sales generated from its videos, I'm not quite sure what to think of it.

That doesn't prevent me from being a faithful viewer. One of the most recent segments was, of course, coverage of the recent Met ball. Claudia Schiffer came with the perenially tanned Mr. Valentino, and did she look amazing.

I've seen her pop up recently in a slew of ads. Not second tier, mass-market ads, mind you, but Chanel. And I can see why. While I've never been her numero uno fan, for a woman who's twice the age and then some of most models on the runway, a mother of two, and a Unicef ambassador (oh, and let's not forget sometime actress...you can't forget her cameo in Love Actually), Claudia could give any 16-year old It girl a run for her quilted Chanel ballet flats.

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