Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm not a social butterfly, and am the first to suggest a movie night in and order pizza on a night off, so last night was a bit unusual.

After hitting the Playgirl party at HK Lounge, we went eastward to a bash H&M was throwing at the Gramercy Park Hotel to kick off their swimwwear line.

As ridiculous as this may sound, starting the evening off with Playgirl, I headed off to H&M to get some gratuitous kicks and check out the models walking around in little bikinis and swimming trunks. (Apparently, that idea was nixed after the last swimwear party, when the models got drunk and started making out with each other in the pool in front of all the none-too-bemused guests.)

The venue in itself was reason enough to go. The rooftop terrace, which is normally closed to the public, was stunning. While there, though, I wondered why the terrace was glassed off on such a beautiful night.

On the taxi cab ride home, which we happened to share with a nice couple we met at the party, I learned the full story. Word is that someone went up to the terrace in recent days to jump off to their demise.

Whether or not that person succeeded, I'll never know. But I could just imagine some jaded lover, hurling him or herself over, perhaps inadvertently leaving behind a Louboutin heel or Prada loafer, as they fell to their end.

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