Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Last ones...

I had to throw in a couple of tops into my Holiday line. I hate to make it sound like an afterthought, but I still do feel like we're in the era of the dress.

On the other hand, there's still a huge contingent of women out there who go out in jeans and need these tops to complete a look. With the warm weather finally upon us, that formula will change, but only slightly. We'll be seeing white jeans, and soft tops.

I think that's why funky shoes have become so important recently, either in color, or shape. But recently, I've been loving piggy pink and nude shoes as well, especially made of patent leather.

If you recognize my model Jackie, and are a fan of American Idol (like me) then I wonder if any of you caught her in the studio audience last night? She's a David Archuleta fan and was holding up a huge sign of support for him when the camera panned to her. (She was also wearing one of my dresses!...but alas, hidden behind her banner....she still looked great though!)

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