Thursday, May 29, 2008

Invasion of the Pods

After so many false starts to spring, I know it's finally here. What with the passing of Memorial Day weekend and the humid whether, there's no doubt. What really clinches it for me, though, is one thing: the flood of house guests we have lined up from here on 'til Labor Day.

For those of you in multiple bedroom houses surrounded by an expanse of immaculate lawn, visitors are no big deal. But in New York, where every square foot is relished, a house guest can mean chaos. Thank goodness, we've actually got a spare room and bathroom for out-of-towners. But my work day (since I work from home) is turned upside down and everything is lamentably put on hold.

Now that things are starting to take off for me, and losing a work day is a little more critical, we've come to somewhat of a solution. We just send our friends all the info they need on the city's pod hotels.

Have you heard of them? I know in Europe there's one in Heathrow, and the frugal Dutch have had one in Amsterdam for some time now. It's just a room, a typical Manhattan room, with or without bath. Typical Manhattan meaning tiny, that is.

But with all that the city has to offer, who wants to spend time in their hotel room, anyway? Which is exactly the point. The idea behind it is that the economy of scale translates directly into economy of savings. They're clean, they're modern, even a bit trendy, I'd say.

Though I have to admit, the Japanese have taken this idea to the extreme. Of course, space is an even greater commodity in Japan, so I have to be a bit more understanding. But the pods there look too much like a morgue, for my tastes. Hey, I've heard of kinkier things becoming fashionable in Japan, so maybe that's just the point.


Perry Ellis Fan said...

Is there room for two peas in a pod?

Victorya Hong said...

If we can fit two p's, maybe there'll be room for two i's...cause the rooms are supposed to be fitted out for those, too (or those two?)!