Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Holiday Inspiration

The first time that Jerry Hall stepped into my realm of consciousness was when I first saw her in an old video of a Thierry Mugler show, the one inspired by bees. (I mean, of course I knew her as Mick Jagger´s ex, but this marked the first occasion when I saw her as something other.) The models were corseted beyond human dimensions, pinched in at the waist, sculpted out at the hips, all to achieve that apiary's waistline. And Jerry played the role to perfection, gliding down the runway as if she had transparent wings.

Despite her failed reality tv career (remember that awful show where she cast for men in a gender reversed pygmalion?), and her work as the face of Levitra, I still imagine her as a 6 foot tall glamazon. Her lips are rouged, her wavy hair is always immaculate, and she's robed in a flowy dress.

She's the perennial girl on the go. In my mind's eye, she's always just about ready to hit the city for a night on the town. Because at that moment, she looks perfectly cool and sophisticated, and I can only imagine all the antics of the evening yet to come.

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