Monday, May 26, 2008

A Little Bitty About an Alpha Kitty

I may have mentioned meeting Andre J for the first time last week. The experience was so special, I think the encounter deserves its own blog.

Besides being immortalized on the cover of French Vogue by none other than Carine Roitfeld, in a Burberry coat no less, what really comes to mind when I think of this gender bending phenomenon is his smile.

Despite the packed room, it was a little hard not to notice Mr. J off to the side of the room...his gorgeous hair, the bright pink frock he happened to be wearing. But really, through the smoke and in the dim of the room, all I could see was a set of the most pearly whites nearly glowing in the dark, and framed by that infamous beard.

From what I know of him, he, like many of us, have survived a lot of adversity. Which is what makes him all the more special, I suppose. He's just a bright glowing light, who also happens to be a revolutionary when it comes to how we look at the world, how we define our sex, how we define others.

And yes, to compliment his smile, he also has the most amazing mane of gorgeous hair that I've ever seen, on man or woman alike.

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